Glen Einich, The Cairngorms

Our Glen Einich guided ride is an excellent introduction to remote mountain biking in the Scottish Highlands without the fear of overly technical terrain.

Situated within the Cairngorm National Park, we are guaranteed to see stunning scots pine woodlands, rugged mountains, waterfalls, lochs and much more. Our route follows a well maintained track alongside the river Am Beanaidh, encountering some small fords which are great fun to splash through on the bike, before reaching the gorgeous Loch Einich. The loch-side is a fabulous lunch spot, with dramatic crags towering down towards the water from the summit of Munro, Sgor Gaoith, creating a picturesque atmosphere. We are also surrounded by Braeriach, Britain’s third highest mountain, as well as several gorgeous waterfalls that glisten in the sun.

As well as the awe inspiring scenery, there is also an abundance of beautiful flora and fauna to be seen. The possible highlights include: blaeberry (edible at the right time of year); colourful mosses and lichens; grouse; capercaillie; and even the glens resident eagles soaring high on thermals.

glen eanaich mountain bike