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Biking in the Borders

Over the past 10 days or so we’ve not really done much other than ride our bikes!

Last wednesday we woke up at 6am with a winter hill day in mind but were both so tired we decided to have a lie in and head down to innerleithen on the bikes. We rode around there for 4 hours or so and went to check out the Cademuir trails on our way home…and as usual treated ourselves to some chippy chips.

K at the top of Cademuir enjoying the view

Friday (1st March) consisted of a quick blast around Glentress (a mix of the red and black) before Keith had to head to work at 2pm.

On Sunday, Robin and I went for a 32km fitness training ride, taking in most of the black, part of the red and blue trails, and some of the fairy trails, again at Glentress.

And Tuesday Keith, Fraser and myself ended up at the golfie, which consisted of a wee bit of riding and some filming as I was so knackered from Sunday!

Here’s the video we made:

Biking at the Golfie, 05.03.2013 from GetOutAdventures on Vimeo.

Early morning ride before work!

We headed down to Glentress this morning for a quick blast around the red before work/uni. Awesome weather and views to be had! Trails ice and snow free, bone dry in fact.

top of spooky wood

Biking, Biking… and more Biking

Over the past 6 months we appear to have been rather lazy with the blog. This is mainly because I’ve been putting a lot of time into uni work since September for final exams I had in December, which went really well and now I only need 4 D grades in the May exams to finish with a first class degree :) Graduating in June so I’m psyched to be finished and able to spend much more time in the hills!

The other contributing factor is that since upgrading our mountain bikes at the end of summer, Keith and I have become biking obsessed. So thats literally all that we’ve spent our time doing every day we’ve had off from uni and work for the past 4 months. Lots of bruises, cuts and scrapes have been had, including Keith launching himself and the bike over a 1metre high fence and landing on his head. Its all part of the fun, bring on the steeper faster descents!

I also spent the Christmas holidays in Malaysia visiting my Dad who has recently moved out there for his retirement. It was a nice way to relax after exams, chill by the pool and get a bit of a tan :)

We are now looking forward to getting out into the mountains over the next couple of months, getting more munros ticked, climbs sent, and improving our ski-touring skills.

Riding with friends at Ae Forest, Dumfries